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Generate revenue for your business with Pozzle.

We bring you closer to your consumers by bringing them to you. We combine social networking, geo-location, reward incentives, group dynamics, and real-time analytics to deliver a highly relevant and effective closed-loop solution.

How It Works


By using our easy-to-use online creation form, you can set up your event at any location. Simply plug in your address and get location results powered by Google Search.



Specify a reward, which could be anything from coupons, sample giveaways, discounts, or even free hugs! It's up to you to set the incentives that consumers will be rewarded with just for joining your promotions.



Pozzle will generate a unique four-digit code specific to your event. Simply have your consumers plug in this code on their smartphone app during redemption, at which point users will reveal the unlock screen!



Tweet your promotion or share it on Facebook! Tell all of your followers about your promotions and let them post photos and friendly comments!

Why Use Pozzle?

Mobility & Accountability

Your business can create promotions - anytime, anywhere, and with no restrictions - perfect for those businesses that do not have a physical location, and are purely dependent on where their consumers are going to be next. Through physical engagement, you get tangible consumer interactions with clear actionable data.


Rewards and Incentives

Incentivize consumers (promotion attendees) with a reward for joining your promotion. Give your consumer a reward, such as a coupon or a free giveaway, just for showing up; build your brand loyalty with happy consumers!


Social Networking

Tweet to your followers, post on your Facebook wall, send emails to your Pozzle followers, and send push notifications to drive additional attendees to a promotion - let your business go viral!


Post Promotion Marketing

Continue to build your audience through these easy-to-use features! Your Pozzle followers will be immediately notified when you create new promotions with new incentives!


Promotion Interactivity

You and your attendees can upload photos, create instant albums, and leave comments for other followers. Your promotion becomes a place for chatter and recommendations!


Real-Time Analytics

See activity happening at your promotion through our system analytics. View the number of consumers that join your promotion, and see how many of them redeemed.


Our number one goal is to be your partner and provide you with a simple way to drive more consumers and revenue through your business; whereever and whatever it is.


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